Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Here's a relic -- a half-finished painting that at one time was going to be the cover of "Hsu and Chan #8". Ultimately, I ended up going with a more-reserved  piece, which was about 85% black, thus eliminating the large areas of fur and hair you see in this -- each strand of which I was painting individually. Accomplished artists have a name for this technique -- "the wrong technique," is what they call it.

More interesting to my eyes, now, is how freakishly weird Chan looks painted -- all plasticky and blocky, as if he were a sculpture at the county fair, carved out of soap by unsteady hands. High cheekbones, too! Chan's part native-American.

And before anybody asks, yes, there will be a "Hsu and Chan #9." 


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  1. Hsu and Chan #9... I've wondered about such a thing, half-hearing whispers about it (in a purely theoretical sense, of course). I wonder if it ever could really be true...

    Also, Chan knows how to drag out a beat when meeting an unholy creature of the night. It's the best way to survive such a thing.