Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big Ol' Announcement!

I told you it was comin'! Now you see that I am a man of my word, provided it doesn't require too darned much effort on my part.

 WELL -- here's the announcement. Uncle Norm's back at, doing something AMAZING! There's not a permanent page for it yet, but as of this writing, simply head over to and, on their main page, turn your attention to the right-hand column, right under the "happening now on 1up" panel, and you should see a little item labeled "1up's First Videogame Webcomic," featuring a tiny bit of artwork from a gentleman you may recognize.

"Wait," you may be saying, "Hasn't already hosted several videogame webcomics? Including your own, you stupid, stupid man?"

Allow me to explain. For you see, what we are offering to you now is the world's first TRUE videogame webcomic -- a webcomic that is, itself, a video game! Made by yours truly, this first installment is based on the very-good "Bioshock" franchise, and you, in true Lucasartsy Adventure Game style, have to assist a Big Daddy in coaxing a Little Sister out of her in-wall hideout.

It's a short experience, five-to-ten minutes, so you can take that much out of your busy schedules and give it a shot. And be sure to shoot off an email to your favorite editor telling 'em how much you liked it!

UPDATE: Bioshock's ACTUAL developers, Irrational Games, mentioned the game in a very positive manner on their blog! I'm kinda stoked about that. Game developers are awesome.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Waiting for updates? More like GREAT-ing for up-GREATS!

For anyone who was afraid that my new comics could never be as densely wordy as my old ones, I submit part four of Epicdemic -- I think there's, maybe, one square inch of actual illustration in this one.

And why, you may ask, did this update take so long? Oh, you didn't ask? You just went and found another comic that updates more frequently? Well, heck with you, 'cause I have a GREAT reason for taking so long, and I cannot WAIT to share it with you all!

...although I'm going to. Sorry. But stay tuned!