Thursday, December 22, 2011

Skyrim's Kind of Big, Y'all

Leave it to Bethesda Softworks to derail a cartoon studio's work schedule. Yes, we totally blame them for everything, them AND their awesome game, "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim," which is hands-down our pick for Game of the Year 2011 and completely and utterly the best value for your gaming dollar that the past year has had to offer... with the understanding that you may need to adjust your economic status in regards to the working hours you will inevitably lose to this beast of a fantasy-world simulator.

But we here at Spookingtons have already been playing Skyrim for better than a month, and while the game itself still has plenty left to offer us, we have at least been able to wear the patina of novelty off enough that we no longer have to come up with imaginary grandmothers to attend the funerals of. And this means good news for you, dear audience!

As evidence of our commitment to actually doing things, enjoy the penciled panel above from Spookingtons' forthcoming comic, "Dim, Dim Knights," starring the Otters! It has dragons in it, ironically! You can take a man outta Skyrim...

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