Wednesday, September 29, 2010



My name is Charlie. I'm a sometimes-illustrator, sometimes-writer and a more-often-than-not comic maker. And, from this point forward, I'll be a regular contributer to Spookingtons Drive-In Media (as well as the Spookingtons blog).

I've been a Hsu and Chan fan since at least 2004. Getting to know (and now working with) Norm has been a blast. Norm's become something of a mentor figure to me in the past six or seven months, and my artwork, writing and pacing methods have changed rapidly as a result (for the better, I'd argue). Now it seems he's going to trust me with drawing a few of his own characters. But more on that later!

Be seein' ya!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Norm here, continuing to iron out the kinks in our system. Enjoy our new blog, which, like the shoutbox in the lounge and the Death Star Mark II, is fully operational.

Work is entering the home stretch on what I would consider our first full web game (one assumes that "Don't Kill Tidus" didn't fully count), a little shooting gallery inspired by one of the more popular Old-West console video games of this year. I'm not naming names. Look for that to show up on the Spookingtons website in just a few weeks.