Monday, January 17, 2011

Epicdemic Part 3

The third exciting installment of "Epicdemic" has landed! Is it suitably epic? It i-- well, sort of, yes!

And, yes, okay, it's worth noting that despite Arnie's insistence otherwise, there's dozens and dozens of suitably epic MMORPGs that are, for all intents and purposes, being given away -- Lord of the Rings Online amongst them, which is notable because that's actually the first MMO I ever subscribed to. I played as a hobbit, and did peaceful hobbit things, and finally quit when I realized that virtual me was even duller than real-life me.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Progress, the Report

As I write this, it is January the 5th, which as it turns out is the birthday of both renowned animator Hayao Miyazaki and my very own father. I am fonder of the latter, of course, although in fairness it should be noted that despite my father's good points, he has not, as yet, produced an animated version of "Nausicaa." Happy birthday, Dad!

So, this post is the first in what should be a regular series of progress reports on everything currently in-progress here at Spookingtons. Take everything that follows with a grain of salt and considerable patience for the numerous quantum fluctuations that plague all creative projects-in-progress. Features may change, release dates may extend, projects may be cancelled, natural disasters may occur and creative individuals may completely snap. In other words, nothing here is etched in stone.

Except for our ultra-secret tombstone-engraving project. Let's get started:

On the Web:

"Hsu and Chan's Epicdemic" -- H&C's newest full-color adventure is on-track for a strip update early next week. We've pretty much just started, and I confess there's not much along the lines of a script on this one, but expect this to provide some of the more-fantastic imagery yet seen in H&C's universe. There may be dragons!

"The Mummy's Tooth," -- totally complete, and already available for instant download in the store, but next free update will be sometime Friday. 

TOP SECRET WEB PROJECT: codename "Floppy Dawg." In pre-production, this project will represent something fairly new and different in a genre that's otherwise been as beaten as a dead horse can possibly get. You'll know it when it gets here -- but it's gonna take a while.

In the Store:

"The Keepers" -- Spookingtons' next downloadable comic release will be this classic Otters' strip, in which our little, furry heroes go to the zoo. The comic's receiving a splash of graytones in order to give a little visual boost to my circa-1999 cartoon art.

Spookingtons Gaming:

TOP SECRET GAME PROJECT: codename "Bacchus." In early production, and easily the largest project Spookingtons has yet undertaken. Keep your eyes open, because you'll be seeing a lot more of this one fairly soon.

And those are the projects that have seen significant work in the previous week. Note that there are other projects in progress that HAVEN'T been updated recently, but you'll hear about those as they become relevant. Got questions? Anything you want to see? Drop us a line in the comments!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New For 2011

The odometer just rolled, people, and Spookingtons is there! Well, here, anyway.

I've always found it somewhat ironic that the new year always begins in what is, for our hemisphere, the deadest season of them all. By rights, the changeover should happen in March, when there's some visible indication of the cycle renewing itself. That wouldn't screw anything up, right? I just don't see why we should connect cyclic rebirth with gray, frozen skylines and colorless landscapes.

Maybe ancient peoples chose to observe the new year in January as a passive-aggressive response to overly-optimistic New Year's Resolutions. Kind of telling the citizenry: whoa, there, Icarus, don't get your expectations too high. Start small. Survive through February with your fingers and toes intact, THEN conquer the world.