Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dim, Dim Milestone! Happy Birthday, Dad!

Penciling duties are now officially complete for "Dim, Dim Knights," regardless of how complete my pencils actually LOOK. Believe it or not, by my standards, the above example would be considered ridiculously tight.

I'm not certain if playing "Skyrim" for so many weeks during the creation of this comic had any significant impact on the look of my dragons, but I'd not honestly be ashamed if it did -- Skyrim had some fine-looking dragons, when they weren't flying backwards or caught in an endless loop over some difficult-to-navigate terrain. That you could thwart their attacks by perpetually positioning yourself behind a boulder or column in relation to their position, like innocent young lovers chasing around a tree, only added to their charm.*

Today is my father's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad! I'll also give him a call, since he doesn't actually read any of my work. But here's to him! I'll likely never have his brains, and certainly will never have his gumption.** Also, he can cook a mean steak.

*because I'm not actually very good at playing video games. Any advantage is a good advantage!
** In this case, 'gumption' is defines as the quality of human willpower that can be summoned when one needs to, for instance, strangle a grizzly bear with one's bare hands.

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